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The history of LHAA reads like a rags to riches story!!

Our 1st gift to our Alma Mater was a set of 12 Educational Cassettes. The beautiful wooden box to house these cassettes was donated by our Vice Presidents. Soon after we organised a TV and VCR for the school. 

As our next venture, we instituted a medal for academic excellence -- to be given to the student with the best results in the class X (I C S C ) exams. This medal started off by being just an ordinary metal one, now it has graduated to being made of pure silver. Soon after, in 1990-91 we initiated the Rolling Trophy to go with the medal.

When Sr. Mary took over as Principal of Loreto House and the EX-Officio President of LHAA, she brought to our notice the sorry state of our Biology Lab and the amount that it would take to refurbish and renovate it. To us, with peanuts in our bank account, that amount required seemed like a fortune . But we were not to be deterred. 

The 11 a.m. break time in school saw the ladies of our LHAA selling home-made cakes, sandwiches and Rasna. We appealed to all our members and they came up trumps. It was at this point that we joined the Teachers Training Centre( TTC) in organising the Annual Fete that they had for the Junior School , and that is how our annual Christmas Bazaar was born.

Finally, we had collected enough funds! It was so thrilling to present the new Biology Lab to Loreto House !

Thirteen long years have passed and we have gone from strength to strength. As you read on, dear reader, you will find out more about our activities and aspirations.

Apart from projects undertaken by us directly, we have mobilised some extremely generous " old girls who were most supportive and donated a brand new Computer Room complete with 16 new computers and air-conditioning for the senior school . One more "old girl" promised to sponsor the renovation of our concert hall.

Mind you! It has taken us since 1986 to get this far and it hasn't been easy. Since then, we haven't looked back except to remember with fond affection those early days of desperate struggle. However, et all , all been great fun and still is. As our family of Alumnae members have grown, so we have our achievement.

Yet none of these can ever be enough! How can one ever recompense our institution that has built and nurtured the moral fibre of its students during the most formative years and has taught us to live with grace, dignity and honour through joy or adversity? One can never repay the love and care that the Loreto girls have received from the Nuns of Loreto House.

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