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Newsletter April 2013


Dear Alumnae Members,

The last Newsletter (April 2012) promised to report again, and inform you of all our activities.

It is great news for all of us that LHAA has completed its twenty fifth year of foundation on 26th March 2013. To commemorate our 25th year, the Alumnae organized a number of events throughout 2012.

We held our AGM on 28th July 2013. Sr. Goretti, Principal of Loreto House and Patron of the Alumnae Association spoke of the dedication and valuable work done by the Alumnae. Sr. Goretti also informed us of the excellent results of the ICSE and ISC students of Loreto House. The recipients of our Alumnae Rolling Trophies and silver medals scored 97% & 98% marks in ICSE and ISC respectively.

On 6th August 2012, we had a Kathak Dance Recital by well known past pupil of Loreto House- Amita Dutta. It was held in the School Hall. The school students and the rest of the audience were spellbound by her impressive performance.

On 6th October 2012 we organized a debate-“The ideals of our Youth should ever be our guide”. The speakers were the past and present students of Loreto House. It was very well attended, and the audience enjoyed every single moment. The judges declared the speakers for the motion as winners.

On Children’s day-14th November 2012, the Alumnae distributed sweets, meticulously packed in colourful packets to Junior school students. Roof School students and night shelter students.

The Christmas Bazaar, our main Fund Raiser, was held on 15th December 2012. The committee members along with lady volunteers, all past Loreto girls, worked nonstop to ensure that every stall , Treasure Island, Games section, Music Centers were fully manned to attend to the huge crowds. We have collected enough funds to cover our commitments and charities for the next two years till the next Christmas Bazaar.

The Raffle Draw took place on 29th January, 2013. A hall full of Loreto girls cheered and clapped as the winners collected their prizes. The Prizes were handed out by Sr. Goretti, Sr. Magdalene and Mrs. Ahmad.

On 6th February, we organized our Annual Treat for 150 underprivileged children of the Roof School and 100 homeless children who have been given shelter by Loreto House. The children were given lunch packets, sweets and gifts, which they enjoyed, and the smiles on their faces were never ending. They entertained us with a programme of song and dance which we thoroughly enjoyed.

On 6th April 2013, we ended our Silver Jubilee Year with a grand lunch at Bengal Club. It was a delightful gathering of so many past pupils, who were happy to meet their friends and exchange pleasantries. Since the theme of the celebration was “Silver Bells”, we gave a bell with the Loreto monogram engraved on it, to all those present, as mementos of our Silver Anniversary.

The Alumnae continues to support their Alma Mater, with their contributions towards salaries for the teachers of the Roof School. We also continue with great pleasure to contribute to special elocution classes for the students of the middle school at Loreto House. The Alumnae also sponsors needy girl students with scholarships, so that they can complete their education.

Those of you who remember Mrs Kharas, a very lively and affectionate teacher, will be sorry to know that she passed away in August 2012, in New Zealand. The Alumnae organized a mass for her-May her soul rest in peace. It is also with great sorrow that we are informing you of the passing away of our dear Mrs. Rajda. The Alumnae organized a mass for her . May her soul rest in peace.

So much for now.

Please visit our website-www.lhaakol.org

With fond regards,

The Executive Committee of thev L.H.A.A.







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