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This school, housed on the roof of Loreto House is very special to our hearts. This school was formed in 19.., primarily to teach the 3 R s to the girls living in the 'bustees' in the area. At present there are more than 170 students. From barely being able to read and write, these girls have progressed to the extent that they actually perform shows including a Nativity play in English! A large number of these girls have also got admission to Corporation & other High schools. These girls are so bright and intelligent that it is a pleasure to see them.

Over the years LHAA has tried to do its little bit for the roof school. Our roof school oriented projects include-

Yearly payment of the salaries of 2 teachers.

Installation of fans.
Building of a false ceiling over the class area.
Annual lunch for the children along with giving of gifts.
Built toilets for the children of the roof school.

After LHAA's legal birthday, we, her members thought long and hard about what we could do for the school itself. Our bank balance was extremely modest, but our aims soared. We consoled our selves by telling ourselves, that "we shall over-come some day" and we did! By sheer hard work, heartfelt desire to attain our dreams and unstinted co-operation from our members, we are climbing step by step towards our dreams.

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